Having clean carpets is an amazing feeling.  When we remove all of the ground in dirt and other components that have been hiding beneath our feet, we are amazed as to the amount of stuff we can’t see.  Before we can have our carpets cleaned, we need to contact commercial carpet cleaning near me in San Jose as well as prepare our floors for cleaning.

commercial carpet cleaning near me in San Jose

Remove the furniture

The main task is to remove the furniture.  When we have furniture in the room it will be in the way and will be difficult to clean around.  Removing these items can take several minutes to several hours depending on the items and the size of the room.

Pretreat stains

If you have any major stains or stains that will require more work, you may need to pretreat them with a cleaning solution.  To determine this you will want to have the cleaning company come in and do a quote and evaluation before they do the job.  If you pretreat these areas, it will be much easier to remove the stains.

Be prepared to stay out of the room

Once the cleaning process is completed you can’t simply return to the room.  You will want to find other rooms to stay in or you may need to stay at a hotel.  After cleaning your carpets they will need to dry.  Also, when you have clean carpets, consider taking off your shoes and putting down other rugs to help protect the bas carpet.

Clean regularly

Finally, once you have your carpets professionally cleaned you will want to go and clean regularly.  When you keep up with the major cleanings then you can maintain the look for much longer.  Take pride in your carpets and your home in general.  The more effort you take in keeping things clean the longer you can go between professional cleaning.